MedVisors Intro in partnership with TGD Communications on Vimeo.

Los Angeles healthcare video production


OBJECTIVES:  Develop a video for the website landing page that clearly and creatively explains this new service;  motivate busy moms to enroll in MedVisors;  write copy in a warm, helpful tone;  utilize a trendy mother’s voice (as women make most of the family’s healthcare decisions)
SOLUTION:  We wrote a script that addressed the needs and challenges facing busy families. We focused on the benefits of being a member of MedVisors and showed people how this service can manage your various prescriptions and doctors visits.
EXECUTION:  This original video is animated with lifestyle imagery, engaging music, and a helpful voiceover. The animation complements and reinforces points made by the female VO, who explains the entire service in a friendly, reassuring manner. Also, music with a driving beat was chosen to reflect the hectic nature of working moms.
RESULTS:  The company was launched successfully. It has experienced a positive, steady increase in member enrollment. This is an achievement today given the escalating costs of healthcare, the confusing process of finding a new plan, and the cumbersome application process.


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