Old Radio

Brian Dean | Los Angeles radio copywriter and producer / VO talent


Precision Tune Auto Care  | National Radio Campaign

“Everything in Tune” :60 Radio
“Sgt. Radiator” :60 Radio
“Teachers can Change” :60 Radio
“Evil Dr. Dealer” :60 Radio


Various Radio | Local & Regional

Pittsburgh Pirates | “Sounds. Exciting.” :60 Radio
Ohio Lottery | “Urge to Scratch” :30 Radio
RealGrade.com | “Museum of $$ blunders” :60 Radio


O E Mid-Atlantic IT | Local

“Capt. Kirk Loses Control” :60 Radio
“Mini-Camp” | :30 Baltimore Ravens Radio Network


Pizza Outlet (Quick Serve Restaurant) | Retail 

“Historic Deals” | :60 with :15 Retail Donut
“Pizza Hynosis” | :60 with :15 Retail Donut


Brian Dean | Los Angeles radio copywriter and producer / VO talent

26 years of experience as a writer / producer

Hired & directed national talent

Worked with top directors nationwide

Produced more than 200 Radio spots & 100 TV spots

14 years of experience as a voiceover talent (from characters to ANNR)

Awards: Pittsburgh AIR Awards (Best Radio Spot; Best Performance in a Radio Spot)

Columbus ADDY

Cleveland CSCA


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