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A little about me

I’m a freelance copywriter and editor in Los Angeles. I have experience working for the arts, entertainment, associations, government, healthcare, and high-tech. In 2007, I earned my Masters in English Literature & Writing from American University in Washington, DC where I graduated summa cum laude. Since then, I’ve gained experience in web copywriting, html email writing, social media, print advertising and press relations. I also do long-form copy editing and proofreading for marketing kits, websites, brochures, and annual reports. As a freelancer I’ve written for a variety of organizations such as ASAE, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Scena Theatre, Aja Luxury Resort and Spa, Oxford Financial, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Washington Home and Community Hospices. In 2011, I moved to Santa Monica, CA where I have taken courses in social media marketing. Currently, I serve as the social media manager for several of our clients and I enjoy writing on the digital frontier. So contact me now if you need a freelance copywriter and editor in Los Angeles to strengthen your marketing communications and improve your brand.

A lifetime of creativity

I’m a native Philadelphian who performed on stages for 15 years specializing in singing, dancing, and acting. Creative writing was a passion of mine in high school and college, and I participated in many poetry readings and even published a few poems. I attended Catholic University, initially for theatre, but I ultimately graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. Today I’m still an ardent supporter of the arts—as a marketer, a patron, and a performer. I attend plays and art openings, plus I’ve acted in several independent films. While I was earning my Master’s degree, I worked as an event planner for a Washington, DC law firm. I planned events such as industry galas, corporate seminars, arts benefits, and holiday parties. At the time I still wanted to be a creative writer and professor. However, after graduation, Brian convinced me that copywriting was poetry in business—so I began freelancing with him. Now I work with my husband and serve clients as a freelance copywriter and editor in Los Angeles.

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