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My Experience

I’m a creative director / freelance writer producer in Los Angeles. In 1990 I graduated with a B.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Since then I’ve worked as a copywriter, producer, and CD for advertising agencies in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. In Cleveland I worked for Griswold / Ross Roy as well as Marcus Advertising where I wrote consumer broadcast and national B2B print. Back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, I was named Creative Director at Carroll Advertising where I wrote and produced TV and radio spots, created corporate videos, and presented campaigns to clients. In 1999 I broke free from the Matrix: I launched my copy freelancing business in the Washington, DC region serving nonprofits, associations, federal agencies, and high-tech firms. Soon after I partnered with freelance web and graphic designers to provide added services. All told, I’ve produced hundreds of radio and TV spots. Dozens of Web sites. And plenty of consumer and business to business ad campaigns. One specialty is new product naming and taglines. And now we’re working on interactive campaigns and responsive websites. My wife Peggy joined the business full-time in 2011 as a copywriter and editor, and soon after we relocated to the west coast. Contact me now if you need a CD / freelance writer producer in Los Angeles.

My Exuberance

At Carnegie Mellon I originally majored in drama. My goal was to be an LA film actor. Then I got seduced by advertising on a copywriting internship at the Pittsburgh office of Della Femina McNamee, a national agency. Since then I’ve enjoyed a fun and dynamic career. Over the years I’ve won my share of local and national awards such as Addys, Tellys, Printing Industry Association, and A.I.R. Awards. Plus I’ve become a seasoned voice-over talent. For several broadcast campaigns, I’ve served as the copywriter, producer, and voiceover talent—all at the same time in the studio. (It’s fun when I give myself direction.) My passion for radio, TV, and video drove me to relocate to Los Angeles, at long last. The rampant creativity here is inspiring some edgy ideas and new liaisons. I’m happy working as a Los Angeles freelance writer producer, and I’m partnering with design firms, small businesses, and ad agencies. Let’s work together and see what we can achieve. Whatever your project or budget, I’ll go all-out to produce standout creative work. And if you need more support I’ll mobilize the right freelance team to deliver. On time and on budget.

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