Creative political advertising in DC: which ad would you choose? Two bold options for a Washington, DC printing services firm.

By October 1, 2014Creative Print
October 1, 2014 — Dean Creative partnered with S2 Design Lab in Austin, TX to develop creative political advertising in DC. The assignment: a tabloid color print ad for McArdle Solutions, a printing, communications, and marketing services company. The print ad will run during the fall election season in 2014. The ad will be placed in Washington, DC government and political publications such as Hill Rag. Copywriters Peggy and Brian Dean worked closely with Art Director Don Summers to develop five bold, creative solutions. Two of them—the short list of choices for the client—are included here.
The first execution is a “service” strategy. The ad touts the all-out service, effort, and dedication you will receive at McArdle regardless of the services provided (or your political affiliation). This ad is broader and covers services such as printing, marketing, communications, mailing lists, and more. The tone of this print ad is smart, poetic, and it takes the higher ground of not picking sides in politics.
The second execution is a “printing expertise” strategy. Printing is the original and core service provided by McArdle, although the company has expanded its offerings in recent years. So, this ad capitalizes on the company’s origins and what they are known for: high quality printing and careful service on the press. The tone of this ad is fun, humorous, and it pokes fun at politicians who often have cheesy smiles.


 Which solution would you choose? Why?

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