How I spend my time:





My Profession

I’m a seasoned freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles. I’m an advertising and business professional. And, I’m a creative web guru. My experience spans a wide range of industries, products, and services. I have decades of experience in print and interactive design. Along the way I’ve worked for several top advertising agencies in the Washington, DC region. I began my career designing tourism magazines and learning the nuances of print production as a young designer. Later, as an ad agency art director, I honed my design skills on point-of-sale, collateral, package design, and B-to-B advertising. I have worked at several ad agencies in Virginia such as Fraser Wallace as well as Williams Whittle Associates. You could say I’m a technical guru at heart. That trait eventually led me to become a freelance web designer in the late 1990s. Since then, I’ve worked on html email campaigns and interactive advertising campaigns. Plus, I’ve designed and developed hundreds of e-commerce and branding websites, many of which have won prestigious national awards. Maybe the new website that we create for you will be our next award-winner. If you need a senior-level freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles, get in touch with us today.

My Passion

I love what I do for a living developing websites and designing print and interactive advertising. Yet I always try to balance hard work with regular doses of creative enrichment. I’m a native of Maryland, and I grew up just outside Washington, DC. The nation’s capital has plenty of great museums, theatre, and live music venues. I’m also a big fan of independent film, modern art, pro sports, fun adventure, and tropical travel. Even though I freelance for Dean Creative, I actually live in Philadelphia, PA. Living on the east coast is ideal because so many beaches are just an hour away. I currently live downtown near the South Philly Italian Market. That’s where Rocky was filmed running down the street past Italian food vendors. So, whatever design work your business may need, you can count on me to go the distance for you, too. I will strive to deliver breakthrough creative work that gets you meaningful results. Learn more.

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