How I spend my time:





My Background

If I had to sum my 16-year career and give myself just one title it would be: “Creative Solutionist”. I’ve worn a lot of hats and played a lot of roles in print and interactive marketing. That breadth of experience has given me a unique perspective when it comes to solving client problems. In the 1990s, I dreamed of motion design and CGI Academy Awards gracing my mantel. But the Internet boom changed everything. It was the new wild west and I was a renegade cowboy. The web was a vast, unclaimed territory with endless possibilities, and it was an exciting time to have an entrepreneurial spirit. So, I began my career with a blend of working for agencies and freelancing for Fortune 500 clients. My motion design background gave me a unique advantage as the marketing field shifted from graphic design to user-interface design. Since making the transition away from print, my focus has been on the user experience and integrated marketing. I enjoy working with companies and other freelancers. If I had to sum up my title for SEO it would be: “web marketing expert Los Angeles”.


My Breadth

I’ve worked on a wide variety of brands, products, and projects over the years—from consumer products to high tech services. I take a “big picture” approach to improving the effectiveness of a client’s marketing and UX strategies. I draw on my broad expertise, unique industry perspective, and comprehensive methodology to create accountable marketing technology solutions. I have developed email marketing and marketing strategy for Foot Locker. I’ve created online games and a marketing strategy for Cisco. I helped develop e-commerce and marketing technology for Pizza Hut. I’ve produced a creative strategy and television commercial for Frozen Ghost Vodka. Plus, I’ve worked on global channel marketing for Dell Computer. Let’s explore what we can do for your business or service today. Learn more.

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